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What is Aham Brahmasmi?

If you want to know that what is Aham Brahmasmi means, then here is the best answer by Krishna Jambur.

Meaning of Aham Brahmasmi.

Aham Brahmasmi is the central essence of the Advaita philosophy propounded by Adi Shankaracharya.

A-dvaita means non-dualism. It says the creator and his creation are not two (dual) things, but are one.

Therefore simply put, aham brahmasmi means ‘I am God’.

The deeper meaning is quite interesting.

If we break up anything in this universe, anything at all… we would end up having basic chemical elements. For instance your phone is nothing but certain chemicals arranged in a certain way and structured in a certain combination. So too, your clothes, your food, your car, the trees in the forest, the rocks in the mountains, even YOU yourself …literally everything is nothing but the same elements, but arranged in a certain way and structured in a specific combination. We all have Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Iron, Calcium… even tiny amounts of say Zinc, Copper and so on.

Now, if we go back billions of years when the cosmos was created, we would notice that the ‘creator’ or ‘God’ were the primordial elements and energy that created everything.

Billions of years later, it is the same elements and energy that has created YOU and everything around you.

In other words, YOU (and all the creations) are the same as the CREATOR. No dualism.

Aham Brahmasmi!

And the best thing is this – when you really imbibe the depth and true purport of the Advaita philosophy and ‘aham brahmasmi’, you will be in supreme harmony with everything around you – plants, trees, animals, people, nature… the entire cosmos!

And when that happens, you will realize that YOU (like other people and other creations in nature) are nothing but a part of a huge organism. And you will stop discriminating and hating. The strength of the whole is the part and the strength of the part is the whole.


Here is the another on what is the Aham Brahasmi from Rupesh

Let’s understand “Aham Brahasmi” from experiential perspective.


I saw a very fine white lotus flower facing downwards. I saw a subtle thread just like what is found inside a lotus flower. I heard you saying there, “Ascend (through your consciousness) upwards by catching this shining thread, which also joins to heart.” I found it extremely difficult to ascend by catching that thread. While remembering you I caught hold of that thread.

I don’t know who propelled me to the great-lighted space, full of a fine vibration. I could very well realize the infiniteness of that great light! My consciousness or the whole conscious being was converting itself into infinite after coming out of the gross body. It was as if I was spreading infinitely in the universe. My limited gross sightedness is spreading infinitely. With infinite, I am also touching the infinity. As if my consciousness has become multi-directional by touching the infinity. Remotest of the points and infinite distance thereof were now part of ‘I’.

Then, I found myself floating in infinite bliss. I saw the whole universe being created there right from scratch. I also saw the minutest particles as well as the whole universe vibrating because of the fine vibrations in that lighted entity. I saw many divine lokas (the complete universes), suns, moons, etc. being created in moments because of the vibration in that lighted entity. Creation and destruction were routine activities. Creations and destructions were dancing continuously in normal mode in that homogeneous light. Mishaps and nourishment as well as the complete destruction of the whole universe were also under the purview of this lighted entity only. I had also surrounded myself with the same infinity, or in other words, that infinity had descended itself down on myself being. I was listening to the ‘Aakar’ sound of Shabda Brahma in various formats. Later on, that sound started vibrating in the whole universe as well as each and every particle therein.

Having a sight of these all, and possessing the Brahma energy, I realized that these all sights as well as the whole universe are my own creations. I am the very reason of all these happenings. I am the very reason of the creation, nourishment and destruction of the whole universe. I only am the Brahma power and I myself am the Brahma! What vibrated from inside me was – ‘AHM BRAHMASMI’ (I am the Brahma).

Right then, you appeared there and warned – “You are not the Brahma. Can you see a subtle hole here? Get inside that in the form of your Surati (the Flow of Consciousness). You will come to know about the ultimate truth – Parambrahma – yourself once you reach there.

I tried my best to take my Surati inside that very fine hole, but could not succeed. Then I recalled you and tried once again and got inside. You appeared there for a moment and disappeared.

Now, I had reached at a great-lighted space where there was no vibration. That great lighted entity was quiet, cool and motion-free. Great light itself was nothing but absolute bliss itself. I was getting lost in that great bliss as if I myself would be blissful. I was enjoying there the most sought – salvation and devotion – at the same time. I could experience that this lighted space itself is ‘Raso wai sah’ (He is full of enjoyment).

Right then, I heard you saying – “This is ‘Teen Pada Amrita’ (three forth nectar); this is Bhuma (another name of supreme soul, as has been described in Vedas); this is the Supreme Being; this is infinite, the absolute bliss, beyond any thought and the absolute truth. This is beyond sat (truth) and asat (untruth). He is the one who should be possessed at any cost and so should a yogi try his best to find Him. This is the most gigantic entity. This is the entity that is the very reason of the vibration or motion in the invisible indifferent ‘Aa’ Akshar for all creations, nourishment and destructions. But, it itself is motionless; it does not have a single bit of vibration. Soul gets relieved and released of the vicious cycle of birth and death only after reaching here. Enjoy this infinite and absolute bliss to your fullest. This is your own land. This supreme Being only is your eternal friend.

I was enjoying that infinite, absolute bliss when I heard you asking to come down. I am not sure what power you used to bring me in the gross body…


* Bramha (Akshar Brahma) – The Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer acting under the will of the Supreme Being

* Parambrahma – The Supreme Being

* “I” in the experience above – a blessed and true disciple

* “you” – The Sadguru entity

Above experience of “Aham Brahasmi” is a hurdle in spiritual journey to attain the supreme being. The ego of “Aham Brahasmi” is what separates Kaivalya from Hansa.

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