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Fishbowl Inventory : Definitive Guide

Start with basic information like what is Fishbowl Inventory?

Fishbowl Warehouse (FBW) is an affordable inventory management solution for small and midsize businesses looking for comprehensive inventory tracking, order management, and QuickBooks-integrated features.

Fishbowl was formed in 2001 by Chuck and Beverly Hale, two business owners in Salt Lake City. The pair invested $3 million into the software company and went through several CEOs in rapid succession


Ø Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your production line

Ø Use automated work orders to maintain optimal levels of finished goods

Ø Total each product’s total costs from a bill of materials in order to set ideal prices

Ø Track product locations and amounts to ensure accurate inventory counts

Ø Optimize inventory levels to prevent product overstocks and shortages

Ø Reduce workforce requirements by empowering workers to do more in less time

Ø Speed up virtually every part of your manufacturing operations

Fishbowl Inventory Implementation Process

Typically the Fishbowl implementation process consists of five phases:

-Hardware setup and installation of the software

-Creating a database, gathering all the raw data (can be imported from Quickbooks directly)

-Installing and setting up necessary integrations (shopping carts, shipping solutions, etc.)

-Training personnel on the software to fit the functions of the business

-Integrating with an accounting program and running live orders through from one to the other (going live)

Every company is different when it comes to how long this process takes, but a company that is actively working to implement this system can usually be up and running in a live environment in 30–60 days. But this requires all hands on deck, with someone at the company who can oversee the project from start to finish. Moving a business to an entirely new system like Fishbowl is a big undertaking so all departments have to contribute.

Alternative to Fishbowl Inventory

Here is the perfect solution for you… *Drumrolls* Presenting “Orderhive” an Inventory Management Software (currently 50% off), which not only provides the re-order point feature but also has many other functionalities such as:

a) Backorder: Allows your consumers to order a product which is currently not available at your end. Thus buying you sometime so that you can replenish the stock.

b) Predicting appropriate reorder points: By using the data generated through the reports and analytics, you can easily know what reorder point would be the best and optimal for a particular product.

c) Helps in calculating the reorder quantity: Gives you the detailed reports of last month, year .. showing which product did well regarding sales, hence you can prepare or calculate the reorder quantity for a specific product.

Thus Orderhive doesn’t only have the fishbowls features but offers more at a lesser cost.

What to look at a Inventory Management Software?

Generally Inventory Management System is a good practice for any company. If we are not using Inventory Management System software then we have to do the work manually which is time effective and counting stock regularly, which results in some inventory errors and challenges. Good inventory management system software can really make our business.

We can keep the following features in mind for making good inventory management system software:

1. Accuracy of Inventory orders.

A Good inventory management system software helps us to figure out exactly how much products/goods we need to have on-hand or should be available. This will help to detect product/goods shortage and allow us to keep that enough products/goods without having too much in the warehouse means within the limits range.

2. A more organized warehouse.

Good inventory management system software supports or makes an organized warehouse. If our warehouse is not organized, we will have a tough time for managing our products. Inventory management system software gives the idea or we can say a kind of information that which products within the warehouse doing well in terms of selling and its accessibility. So by knowing about our products/goods we can provide those goods/products in adequate number in order to avoid shortages and listing them in easily accessible and noticeable area. This helps us to fulfill customer needs and keeps them happy.

3. Save time and money.

Inventory management System can help to save time and monetary. By keeping which products we have on stock, on under stock or ordered, we can save ourselves for the effort and time in order to have product recount to ensure our records are accurate. Good inventory management software also helps to save money as it calculates automatically which prevents manual calculating which is time and cost effective.

4. Customers coming back for more.

It’s generally a really good fact that good inventory management system software leads to what we are constantly targeting for – repeat customers and making new customer a regular one. If we want our customers to come back for our products and services, we need to be able to meet customer demand quickly. Inventory management software helps us to meet the demand by allowing us to have the right products as soon as your customers need them.

These are the basic features that good inventory management system software should have.

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